Spline Head Bolts

USP Aerospace is a nationwide supplier of aerospace fasteners. Among our selection is a variety of spline head bolts, which have a variety of applications. Most notably among these is their use with products in the aerospace industry. Head bolts are not the only types of splines on the market. Different splines can be used for different applications. 

Uses and Applications

Splines are ridges or teeth that are on a drive shaft and mesh with grooves in a mating piece and transfer torque to it. This maintains the angular correspondence between the two. For example, a gear that is mounted on a shaft might use a male spline on the shaft that then matches the corresponding female spline.

Types of Splines

  • Parallel Key Spline
  • Curved Spline
  • Crowned Splines
  • Helical Splines

A parallel key spline, which is when the sides of the grooves are parallel in both directions. The curved spline, which is where the sides of the grooves are curved, but not as tall. The curves on it increase strength by decreasing the concentrating stress. Crowned splines, where the sides of the grooves curved and the male teeth are modified to allow for misalignment. Helical splines have grooves that form a helix and ball splines have the teeth of the outer part implemented with a ball bearing, which allows for more free linear motion. 

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