NAS Barrel Nuts

USP Aerospace Solutions Inc. is a nationwide distributor of NAS products, which includes NAS barrel nuts. All of the NAS barrel nuts in stock are made of the highest quality materials and are dependable for a long time. Each of the products we sell undergoes a strict quality control and quality check, which ensures that each nut meets and exceeds the industry standards for performance. Many of the items we sell can be purchased at great, wholesale rates.

NAS stands for National Aerospace Standards. So, when you purchase NAS barrel nuts from our inventory, you have the assurance of quality. NAS is a term that was devised in 1941 and used by the Aerospace Industries Association. Our NAS barrel nuts are known for their high strength and precision. NAS standards define high-pressure hoses, electrical connectors, splices and terminations, and rod-end bearings. These standards apply to all types of screws, nuts, and rivets.

USP Aerospace has years of experience providing customers across the country with quality NAS barrel nuts. For more information about our selection of NAS barrel nuts, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have about our line of products. The number to call is 631-287-6321. We can provide you with a free quote.