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USP Aerospace Solutions has a wide variety of aerospace products, including military fittings and MS bolts. When they are manufactured, they need to be durable, long-lasting and strong, with the ability to adhere to some of the harshest elements. We proudly supply a wide assortment of these types of MS fittings that can adhere to many different military tasks. And on top of simply supplying them to customers nationwide, customization is also available for many of our military fittings. Customization is great because it better equips the items to handle their specific workload. 

Military FittingsMilitary Fittings Uses

Most military fittings are related to variable pressures in differentiated military hydraulic equipment, which means there are a few different types to choose from. A few types of MS fittings includes:

  • JIC Fitting
  • Metal Hydraulic Fittings
  • Metric To America Conversion Fittings

The use of JIC fittings is predominantly in very high-pressure fuel delivery applications in the military. One such aspect is connecting hydraulic tubing to a control valve.

Two other common fittings are metal hydraulic fittings and metric-to-America conversion fittings. Combining components manufactured in different countries with different measurement standards actually creates a more reliable product and is one way to get the best hydraulic machinery. Hydraulic adapters are also very common and function to create compatibility between the hydraulic components that may otherwise be incompatible. Military hydraulic systems require abnormally high levels of precision. So, these hydraulic adapters are prevalent in military fittings, because they have the ability to combine and enhance attributes. 

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USP Aerospace Solutions is a trusted supplier of military supply products. Our inventory includes high-quality military fittings to use for many different military applications. All of our products are shipped nationwide, so no matter where your business is located we can be your trusted supplier. For more information about our MS supplies, please contact us todayThe number to call is 631-287-6321. Our expert staff has years of experience in the industry. We can help you with any questions you may have about our assortment of aerospace products. When you call, we can also provide you with a free quote. So please, do not hesitate to reach out for the most affordable MS fittings and supplies on the market.