Military Fasteners Supplier

USP Aerospace Solutions provides customers across the country with dependable aerospace fasteners. Mil-spec fasteners are designed to provide maximum strength and durability even in the most adverse conditions. USP Aerospace Solutions Inc has an extensive inventory of stock military hardware. The bolts, screws, nuts, and pins can also be manufactured to meet your demands. Due to our ability to customize our selection of products, we are trusted as your military fasteners supplier!

Military Fastener Uses

Military fasteners can be used in a number of applications. They are designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear that is prevalent in extreme climates and provide maximum reliability and durability. The military hardware is specially designed to give a hassle-free performance for a long time.

Nationwide Military Fasteners Supplier

USP Aerospace Solutions Inc can help you attain the military spec fasteners you need to complete your job. Our mil-spec fasteners include MS screws, nuts and bolts. We also have fasteners that conform to AN as well as other standards. Whether you need NAS screws, AN bolts, or fasteners of a different kind, we have you covered. To learn more about all we offer, please contact us today or simply view our catalog to request a quote. The number to call is 631-287-6321. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our array of fasteners. Let us be your trusted military fasteners supplier!