MS Screws

USP Aerospace Solutions is a nationwide distributor of MS screws, as well as MS bolts and MS fittings.

We manufacture MS screws and fasteners that are known for their quality and durability throughout the industry. The unique high head design of the fasteners makes them very good for gripping. The fasteners are made of high-quality materials giving them superior strength better resistance to corrosion. The design of the fasteners makes them easy for fastening even in tight spaces.

Supplies for military equipment need to be high strength and durable. Meant for the toughest of conditions, these screws need to be able to withstand the elements. Our selection of screws is perfect for whatever task you have at hand. You will find the right fit for the application.

Both bolts and screws are very commonly used as fasteners. There are different varieties used for different applications and requirements. They have varying types of heads, threads and more, so it is important to know exactly how you will be using the fastener.

USP Aerospace Solutions has years of experience in this industry and has become trusted by many to provide high quality and affordable MS screws. For more information, please contact us today. The number to call is 631-287-632.