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USP Aerospace Solutions is a military hardware supplier for customers across the country. Our inventory of aerospace fasteners includes the manufacturing and distribution of floating barrel nuts. We have the capability to customize any products to specifically adhere to your specifications. We will work closely with you to create a product that exactly suits your needs. We understand that those in the aerospace industry face different circumstances and we are here for each and every one of you. All of our products can be shipped to outlets around the country, so no matter where your place of business is, we are there for you!

What Are Floating Barrel Nuts? 

Floating barrel nuts are simply a specialized nut that is designed for high tension applications where the mating item is a large, structural item and when a wrench cannot be applied to the nut. The nut, barrel and retaining cage are the major components of a barrel nut. The barrel has a semi-circular configuration, which provides angular alignment tolerance within the structure. The cage is able to provide an additional "X" and "Y" plane alignment tolerance. 

Floating Barrel Nuts Uses

Floating barrel nuts are typically used to bolt thin sheet metal parts to larger, often forged, parts. The barrel nut is a round slug and it sits in a hole inside the forging. A standard bolt is then threaded into the barrel nut from the outside sheet metal. Barrel nuts are usually preferred over a standard nut and bolt, since they do not require a flange to be machined or forged onto the receiving part. This ultimately reduces the weight.

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