Why USP Aerospace Is The Right Choice

Years of Experience

USP Aerospace has been an industry leading aerospace hardware supplier since 1978. Our unrivaled product knowledge and professionalism have helped us consistently satisfy the needs of numerous clients. Our vast collection of the highest quality aerospace parts and brands is stored in our massive 8,200 sq. ft, warehouse. We construct our parts with various materials and sizes and customize parts to fit most applications.

Years of Expertise

We understand how complex searching for the right parts can be for any project. Our expertly trained staff has the knowledge and resources to answer your toughest questions. Our staff has a passion for helping you find the right parts and services to get the job done efficiently. 

Immense Inventory

Our huge warehouse and vast technical library are capable of storing and finding thousands of products including screws, nuts and bolts for various parts. Our products have been used by many aerospace industry leaders including NASA, Boeing and Lockheed Martin. If you cannot find a part you need, our certified staff will be glad to assist you.

Highest Quality Products

All products are tailored to fit NASA and military standards through MIL 1-45208A requirements. This allows USP Aerospace to assemble the most durable parts with premier craftsmanship our clients deserve.

If you have any questions about our products and services, please call us today at (631) 287-6321.